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Determined the best quality products in the region

September 13, 2012 in the premises of Donetsk Regional State Administration held a meeting of the regional competition commission Ukrainian competition of products (goods and services) - "100 best goods of Ukraine". On approval of the samples prizes, diplomas finalists, winners and participants of the regional stage of the contest reported Deputy Chairman RСС,  General Director of the State Enterprise "Donetskstandardmetrology" Michael G. Isaenko.

At the meeting discussed and approved products, services and regional companies, who scored the maximum points and identified as finalists, that is, as the winners of the regional stage. Among them are "Ketchup to barbecue" LLC "Prime-product" (Makeevka), services for radiation monitoring of industrial production of LLC "Eco Impulse" (Donetsk), pig iron sweetened PJSC "Donetsksteel - Metallurgical Plant" (Donetsk ), hopper car for fertilizer PJSC "Azovzagalmash" (Mariupol), windows and balcony doors made of aluminum alloys of the "Elite" Company "Zenith" (Donetsk), communication equipment and alarm mine lifting PJSC "Donetsk Engineering Group "(Donetsk). They have the opportunity to participate at the state level competition. Reported to the head of the group of experts, еngineer, ICT Enterprise "Donetskstandardmetrology" Elena Gorchakovа.

About scripts award finalists and winners from the regional stage of the contest said executive secretary RСС Head of ICT Enterprise "Donetskstandardmetrology" Alexander F. Udovichenko. Determined that the ceremony of awarding will be held October 5, 2012 in the premises of Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theatre.

Plan to participate in the event the Chairman of Donetsk Regional Council Andrei Mikhailovich Fedoruk.

Alexander Seleznev