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The Competition of quality 2012 was launched

 March, 1 - 2 2012 in Kyiv passed a seminar-training "Exchange of experience of experts of the Competition" with regional centers of standardization, metrology and certification.

During the workshop there were reviewed and discussed "The program of quality competition-2012" and additionals to it - "Methods of quality assessment" and "Guidelines for the participants."

According to documents the Сompetition-2012 consists of 3 phases: preparatory (January-February), regional (March 1 - June 20), State (June - November).

Employees SE "Donetskstandartmetrolohiya" Gorchakova E., Kotliar M, Voronkov V., Kovalenko T, Makogon M, who participated in the seminar received "Certificate Expert" Competition 2012 .

Organizer of the workshop - State Enterprise "Ukrainian Research and Training Center for standardization, certification and quality" (SE "UkrNDNC) - as a responsible authority for organizational and methodological support to Ukraine and the quality of products (goods and services) -" 100 Best Products Ukraine. "

The seminar was organized pursuant to the protocol decision of January 18, 2012 № 01-2012 meeting with heads of government agencies and technical regulation system, which belongs to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.